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Sensory Bubble Tube & Remote 90cm, Wall Bracket & Light-Up Fibre Ball


Have you always dreamed of having an aquarium but feel hesitant about the commitment This Artificial Aquarium Bubble Tube gives you the best of both worlds – a beautiful aquarium display with minimal maintenance.

Fish of different colours and sizes bob up and down and flap their fins in this water tank while interacting with the bubbles. Our LED lights emit a bright, long-lasting colour while remaining energy-efficient and cost-effective.

The base may differ from either square or circular. 

LED Lights in 7 Colours: Green, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, Orange


  • Sensory Bubble Tube
  • Changing LED Light Floor Lamp
  • Silver Coloured Base & Top
  • Clear Tube
  • Remote Control

Pack: 1

Height: 90cm

Colour: Clear Tube / Base

Power Source: USB

Usage: ADHD, Sensory

Material: Plastic

Bubble Tube Bracket

Make your small bubble tube as stable with this 10cm steel bracket

  • Stabilise your Bubble tube
  • Prevent accidents and spillages
  • Easily Screws into the wall
  • Steel construction

For 10cm diameter tubes – Works with: Black Small Bubble Tube and White Small Bubble Tube

Pack: 1

Size: 10cm diameter, 24cm long.

Colour: Black Chrome

Usage: Bubble Tube Stability

Material: Metal

Weight: Approx.: 300 g.

Fibre Ball LED Sensory Night Light

USB adapter

12cm diameter mirrored ball with LED starburst effect.

USB adapter with on/off button along the wire. Black MDF plinth base.

Size: Total height 15cm x 12cm diameter

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