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NeeDoh Booper


Load, launch and laugh with the NeeDoh Booper. Launch your fuzzy boops across the room with this super duper booper. Just pull it back to release. Made from squishy squashy NeeDoh, this launcher toy is ideal for mischievous kids to get up to their favourite tricks.

Available in four assorted colours (picked at random), each launcher comes with four fuzzy boops to shoot. When not loaded with boops, the booper makes a great fidget toy or stress ball for little hands to squeeze.

The NeeDoh Booper is perfect for safe, stretchy fun. Ideal as a novelty gift, party bag favour or Christmas stocking filler. Suitable for 5 years +.

NeeDoh Booper - product features:

  • Air launcher toy made from a non-toxic, dough material
  • 4 assorted colours (chosen at random)
  • 4 fuzzy boop balls
  • 18cm L x 8.5cm W x 20.5cm H

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