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Electrical Massage (4 pcs)


Our 4 piece electric massage kit is the ultimate solution for targeted relaxation. This comprehensive 4-piece set is designed to address every part of your body. This electric Massage Kit offers a variety of options for a customized and rejuvenating massage experience

This set includes:

  1. Full Body Silicone Bristle Massager: Waterproof with multiple massage strengths, Rechargeable via USB for convenience
  2. Dolphin Massager: Uniquely curved for gentle leg and arm massages, Easily wipe clean with a damp cloth or antibacterial gel. Rechargeable via USB
  3. Eye and Lip Massager: Perfect for sensory stimulation around the eyes and mouth. Adjustable massage strengths and USB Rechargeable
  4. Head and Body Massager: Traditional massage with light up balls for an authentic experience. Powered by 2 AA batteries

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