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NeeDoh Stick'ums (Pack of 12)


Enjoy air-filled squishy fun with NeeDoh Stickums. Stickums is a pack of 12 NeeDoh balls in five glow-in-the-dark colours (chosen at random). Instead of being filled with dough like regular NeeDohs, they’re filled with air.

These unique Nee Doh stress balls also have a sticky skin that means not only can they be squished and squashed, but they can be thrown at walls, windows, ceilings and any flat surface for fun.

Stickums are a great fidget toy, particularly appropriate for those with ADD, ADHD, OCD, Autism, and anxiety. Gentle on little fingers and made from non-toxic materials.

Helps kids to focus and pay attention. Perfect for safe, stress ball fun. Ideal as a gift or stocking filler. Suitable for 3 years +.

NeeDoh Stickums - product features:

  • NeeDoh stress balls filled with air
  • 12 balls in each pack
  • Assortment of 5 different glow-in-the-dark colours (chosen at random)
  • Suitable for those with ADD, ADHD, OCD, Autism, and anxiety
  • Made from a non-toxic material
  • 3 years +

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