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Sensory Tunnels Set (Giant 800 + 600)


Summary: For Classroom and Care settings: For small groups or one to one. Customise with your own additional sensory materials these Sensory tunnels are equally for nursery, primary or special school, as well as a Hospital/Therapy setting. They can also be used at home. Great fun to crawl though or relax in, the Sensory Tunnels set is designed to appeal to children with the widest range of abilities. Strong and soft enough to deal with an out-burst it can also be used to help quiet relaxation.

Physical play, co-operative play, language development, role play and conversation are within its scope. It is also light and flexible enough to be safely moved and shared with children with very limited mobility. Transportable in a car the set can be used for therapy continued at home. All materials wipe clean waterproof, latex free, phthalate free, FR materials.

Comprises: Two tunnels 1 x large 800 x 800 x 800: 1 x medium 600 x 600 x 600. 2 x bolsters 600mm x 100mm 1 x pad 600mm sq x 40mm thick. 2 x sets of entry cover flaps. Also features: sewn in under the large tunnel are mirrors, plus a pocket for iPad/tablet. Also included a pack of 4 “velcro attached” interactive play disks. Additionally, integrated hanging loops are fitted to both tunnels to hold & display own sensory materials, plus the set also includes 3 lengths of decorative crinkly net.

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