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Sensory Mood Discovery Table + Space Discovery Play Mat


A combination set containing our Sensory Mood Discovery Table and Space Discovery Play Mat.

The Sensory Mood Discovery Table has a raised rim to the outside edge, creating an enticing area for learning through play and sensory exploration. The sturdy but lightweight design is easy to move between locations, quick to clean and ideal for individual focus work or collaborative play. Providing a soft coloured or white light which is adjusted using the remote control, the discovery area makes the ideal base for imaginative small world play activities.

The Space Discovery Play Mat is clearly printed with highly detailed imagery of an imaginary galactic landscape with a night sky, stars and planets. It fits neatly inside the table and can be used with our imaginative play sets, including Wooden Space Adventure, Wooden Solar System Discs and Wooden Stars.

Made from durable polyester, the mat is hard-wearing and waterproof - safe to use with wet or dry materials. It's an ideal accessory for small world play, story-telling and sensory exploration, and is easy to wipe clean. Due to its semi-translucent properties, the play mat works especially well inside the mood table, as the light shines through: illuminating, highlighting and changing the colours in the mat, providing a fascinating way to explore colour whilst playing.

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