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An assortment of 5 collectable micro fidget toys packaged inside a surprise container pod.

Each pod comes with 5 items inside from 25 total options. One visible, the other four blind bagged for a surprise!

Each of the items included is a popular micro version of bestsellers in their own right, all of which are designed to occupy fidgeting fingers with something that's hard to put down.

A full list of possible Micro Fidgetz options can be found below.

Micro Spinner - 9 options
Micro Fidget Track - 1 option
Micro Noodle - 1 option
Micro Squishy Animal - 2 options
Micro Muddle Puzzle Cube - 1 option
Micro Football Spinner Ball - 1 option
Micro Poppers - 4 options
Micro Fidget Tubes - 2 options
Micro Springs - 2 options
Micro Spikey Balls - 2 options

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