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Wooden Padded Den with Mood lighting


Sensory room equipment includes all those items in the room meant to focus on the senses of a child. The purpose of this equipment is to trigger any of the five senses of the child. Young children are attracted by the vibrant colours of the lights and images they see. Tactile development would be as a result of the touch sense being stimulated through puzzle solving.

The young child will also be giving attention to the sound of a speaker or music, aiding auditory development. Items associated with smell will stimulate the olfactory development of a child and so on. The Wooden Padded Den is an amazing product manufactured by the Sensory Toy Houseware that results in the development of different senses of a child. It is a form of furniture with lighting which the company has introduced.

Wooden Padded Den comes along with mood lighting, which is the lighting which serves a calm and soothing environment in the den. The lighting within the den is soft enough. Lighting has a great impact on the mood and cognitive abilities of a person. This is the reason it is used in the Wooden padded Den. This Den is composed of wood, specifically of Maple Melamine which is 1.8 centimetres thick. It is illuminated with LED lighting, which makes use of a total of two lights. The Den is supplied with the main power source. The total height of this den is almost about 1.25 metres, it is 0.72 metres wide and has a depth of about 0.4 metres.

A comfortable cushion is provided for the children to sit for hours and remain cosy. This den also includes a hiding place for children. The lighting is placed in the ceiling and the children can change the colours of the lighting through a remote-control device. One can limit the lighting to one colour only or can view several colours through it.

This Wooden Padded Den is made in a way that it can be kept at corners easily, at homes or schools. This does not occupy much of the space and is an ideal place for children so that they could easily study there. Also, the atmosphere is calming so the children can go to their respective dens to feel relaxed. The lighting and the comfort provided by the den is what attracts the children the most.

Lighting, therefore, stimulates sensory development in them. There are more responding to the colourful LED lighting. It is used mainly for children suffering from ADHD. ADHD is the abbreviation of the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Your ability to focus, having control over yourself and the capability to sit without moving for some time is impaired in this disorder. So, by making use of this den, children with ADHD will be attracted towards it and are more likely to remain seated in this den for a while.

Size: H1240 x W720 x D415mm

Colour: 18mm maple melamine faced board

PowerSource: Main

Usage: ADHD and Sensory

Material: Wood

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