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Oval Jellyfish Tank with LED Lights & Fake Jellyfish Relaxing Mood Lamp


Relaxing Oval Jellyfish Tank Mood Lamp

The human brain is meant to produce and control reactions to sensory experiences of the body the things that we touch, see, smell, taste, and hear. The connection between the human brain and our response to it is called sensory integration. If a child faces an inability to produce certain sensory stimuli, then it can generate negative behaviour, and difficulty in the memory or learning processing ability. Therefore, thats where the use of a sensory room comes in. A sensory room is a room crafted to help a person with any sensory issue to control their brains negative responses to outside stimuli by learning coping strategies. It doesnt require a whole room, sometimes a small space in a corner can be enough. A sensory room can involve lights, colours, sounds, tactile play objects, and aromatherapy. It will have a positive impact on the childs mind, as it will increase his ability to interact with the external stimuli.

Therefore, a sensory room has proven to have a calming effect on a childs agitated mind. This aesthetic and mesmerizing oval-shaped jellyfish tank with fake jellyfish swimming inside of it works as the perfect mood lamp for a calming and pleasant atmosphere. Not only are they used for children with sensory problems, but they are also used in schools and nurseries because they come with the benefits of an improved motor, cognitive, and communication skills.

Features of Oval Jellyfish Tank Mood Lamp

  • Oval Jellyfish Tank has an inbuilt LED lights.
  • LED lights phases can be changed, or set to one.
  • It has 5 lifelike fake jellyfish.
  • It has a very minimalist, aesthetic, oval-shaped design.
  • It has near-silent motors.
  • Mains powered by UK main plugs.


  • Its size is 31.2/7.7/22.5 cm.
  • Plugs into the mains to charge.
  • Used for sensory play.
  • Material used is plastic.
  • Weight almost 1.1 kg.

Benefits of Oval Jellyfish Tank with Lifelike Fake Jellyfish Mood Lamp

These oval-shaped illuminated plastic mood lamps are aesthetically appealing objects, and they can be positioned anywhere in the room or used to provide background lighting, in a sensory environment. Not only are they used for children with sensory problems, but they are also used in schools and nurseries due to:

  • Calming Effects.
  • Social Interaction.
  • Improved Concentration.
  • Enhanced Motor Skills.
  • Enhanced Cognitive Skills.
  • Sensory development and stimulation.

They have a calming effect on the child and adults if they are distressed, or feel agitated. When they get upset, spending time in a faintly lit room where they can relax positively stimulates the mind. The Sensory Mood Lamp also improves focus. It is calming and used for therapeutic reasons to enhance concentration skills, etc. This is helpful in the long run, as it stimulates the brain in the future during decision making where concentration is required.

Therefore, these Oval Jellyfish Tank LED lights Sensory Mood lamps, has so many advantages, such as stabilizing the mood, improved concentration, coordination and motor skills, and more along with the joy of playing.

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