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Wiggle Seat Cushion Butterfly


Fun Shaped Kid?s Wiggle Seat Inflatable Sensory Chair Cushions – Kids stay calm and focused while sitting as these seats give them an outlet for excess energy in the classroom, during meals and at homework time
? Allow children to quietly move while working, enabling them to focus, stay on task and be more productive
? Flexible nubs on one side and small bumps on the other can easily be felt giving a choice for just the right amount of tactile stimulation
? Ergonomic disc causes the body to stabilize itself improving posture
? Portable alternative to balance balls with the same benefits
? Easy-inflation pump is included and firmness can be customized to contour exactly to each child’s needs
? Effective on chairs, benches, or directly on floors
? Safety tested
Size: 13″/33cm diameter is a great fit for a kid’s seating while being large enough to grow as the child does.

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