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Stretchy Band Fidget Toy

Calming, silent and satisfying sensory toy reduces stress and anxiety and increases focus in school, at home and just about anywhere.

SENSORY RELIEF: Silent sensory tool reduces stress by encouraging activities that allow children to explore their environment, learn and develop their senses
CALMING INFLUENCE: Outstanding outlet for excess energy relieving stress and anxiety as they discover the world of shape and space creation
MIND-BODY BENEFITS: Stretching the softly resistant band awakens the imagination, promotes the development of balance, and strengthens muscles. Improve spatial awareness by forming unlimited creative shapes pulling, bending, twisting, and knotting the band
COMFORT FOR SENSORY ISSUES: Perfect for home or school, the therapeutic relief when stretching the band is beneficial to all children who need to decompress and relax including those with ADHD, autism, and sensory needs

Size: 30”x 6” (76cm x 15 cm), stretches to over 46” (117cm) and snaps back to its original dimensions
Machine wash gentle cycle – air dry

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