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Sequins Message Board

  • DIMENSION: 12.5 (L) x 16.5(W) x 1.26(H) inches. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee with 30-day free return.
  • ARTWORK: Reversible, glittering shiny rainbow color and rainbow silver mermaid sequins sensory fabric mounted on two layers of thick MDF board, finished with solidly built, smooth, thick silver frame.
  • We use high-end sequins fabric available on the market that flips smoothly without hurting your fingers. The board is very durable to repetitive use. Be creative: write your personal message, or gather your family and friends to create a unique design!
  • HOW TO USE: This beautiful DIY sequins drawing board is designed to be played with: trace your finger (or use a stick) on the sequins and watch it switch colors. Erase by flipping the sequins in the reverse direction. If some sequins do not flip, simply use your finger to flip that particular one. The sequins will get smoother as you play with it more.
  • This sequins DIY board is a great choice for decorating your home, living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, restroom, office, hotel rooms, lobby and halls. You can enjoy this addictive fun by yourself, with your kids, family and friends. Ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and just about any occasion year round.
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