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Planet Push Pop

Planets for Kids Solar System fidget ToysCombine the characteristics of daily decompression toys and early education toys and design products based on the eight planets in the universe. The silicone buttons are engraved with the name of each planet on the keyboard for learning fun, including feel and counting, each word is accompanied by the planet, astronomical learning, and silicone buttons are fun to push and bounce, and encourage fine motor skills.Safty MaterialThe push pop bubble toy is made of silicone.It is suitable for children,adult, both training their logical thinking ability and relieving their anxiety during playing.Stress Relief Pad Controller Our push pop bubble toy featured by a smooth rubber surface, soft celestial body buttons, The two buttons can be pressed to make a sound, encouraging tactile stimulation, calmness, and concentration, better joysticks and buttons, pressure relief pad controller is definitely the best pressure relief fidget toy marketEducational Toys for KidsThis is a burst game of touch and strategy. The appearance of the eight planets also makes children full of curiosity about astronomy knowledge, and enhances children's exploration of universe knowledge and understanding of many earths. the gadgets that push bubbles can exercise concentration and divergent thinking. For the elderly, it can maintain brain activity, prevent brain degeneration in the elderly, and reduce the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease Easy to CarryFidget Toy is long-lasting, you can endlessly reusable and washable it after using multiple times, comfortable to play with in the hand.The Sensory fidget toys are pocket size and it's very portable, you can play it anywhere, such as office, home, church, libraries, station, special education classrooms, therapy, sensory rooms, fun birthday party, game theme party, and so on.

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