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Grey Cuddle Ball Sensory Pillow & Stress Ball Soft Bundle


Sensory Grey Cuddle Ball

1 x Sensory Grey Cuddle Ball

Made with the softest of fabrics you want to slip your hands in and bring in close Sensory Grey Cuddle Ball

The ball has gaps to allow children’s hands and arms to be placed inside which provides comfort and warmth

Ideal for cuddling and feeling safe and warm with tactile finish and available in modern colours.

Age: 6 years+

Colour: Grey

Size: Approx. 25cm dia.


1 x Squishy Mesh Balls

Anxiety & stress tools- squeezy ball inside soft mesh suitable for children and adults.
Help reduce stress, nervousness, and anxiety while having fun and strengthen your muscles. You can stretch, pull, squash, or squeeze them!

Ideal sensory toy for special needs squishy fidget toys are a great gift idea for children with special needs and in classroom or therapy settings. Can also be used for strengthening muscles in the forearm, hands, wrist, and works extremely well for rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Squeeze & squash at in the office- keep handy at your desk and grab when you feel an urge to fidget. No more stress at work! Squeeze and squash these fidget balls and alleviate stress.


Pack Size: 1 squishy ball 

Dims: Each ball measures approximately 7cm.

Age: Suitable for children 3+ years old.

Safety First: The content of the balls is non-toxic slime.

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