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Chewigem - Gem Pendant Chew


Extremely robust chew, the gem pendant has a magnificently soothing glossy texture. Can work for you as a striking statement piece or you can remove the cord to provide a firm handheld, chunky, stimmable calming aid. Big and weighty, enjoyed by people who enjoy the calming sensations of a heavier piece.

Taking its inspiration from diamonds and real gems that are set in a claw or fitting the gemstone emulates that look with its subtle contours and turns and high gloss finish it looks like a real gem. 

  • Strong, firm, and robust
  • Satisfying smooth, glossy texture for sensory input
  • Subtle silver soft cord
  • Adaptable as pendant or handheld
  • Chunky and weighty

Satisfy your need for a strong, firm, need to chew and get that feedback you seek from this striking multifunctional aid. 

Become part of the 93% of people who know Chewigem helps them feel calmer

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