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Fidget Kit 3 (9 Components)


9 Piece Fidget Set great for general fidgety fingers or as part of sensory/Autism treatment and therapy.

Educational and therapeutic activities can help with concentration and improve focus! We consulted with expert therapists and OTs and this kit is what the put together as the most ideal collection of fidget toys for use in schools and sensory rooms.

This special needs kit includes:

1 x Colourful Puzzle Ball

1 x Glow in Dark Flexi Ball

1 x Fidget Pad

1 x Go Bounce Soft Ball – Large 10cm

1 x Tangle Junior

1 x Infinity Cube Black

1 x Liquid Timers Black and Green Spiral

1 x Sensory Textured Stress ball – mini balls inside

1 x Soft/Medium Therapy Putty – Red

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