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9 pcs Fidget Kit


9 Piece Fidget Set great for general fidgety fingers or as part of sensory/Autism treatment and therapy.

Educational and therapeutic activities can help with concentration and improve focus! We consulted with expert therapists and OTs and this kit is what the put together as the most ideal collection of fidget toys for use in schools and sensory rooms.

This special needs kit includes:

1 x Colourful Puzzle Ball

Our Rainbow Puzzle Ball requires problem-solving players to pop the inner coloured balls around the centre of the puzzle so they match up just right! Seems simple, but nothing is ever straight forward! Promotes logical thinking, hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and colour awareness. It has12 round coloured holes, with 11 colour matching balls, match-up the puzzle balls by colour to the outside holes. Can be held by one hand and is convenient to carry. Our Rainbow Puzzle Ball is suitable for children and adults and will be enjoyed over and over again. Size: Ball diameter: 8 cm


1 x Glow in Dark Flexi Ball

This UV Flexi ball is made from lightweight, durable material and is great for play in a dark room with UV projectors. Great for stimulating children’s visual and motor skills. Can be thrown from person to person or rolled on the floor.
Size: Diameter 9 cm.


1 x Fidget Pad

The 8 tactile surfaces allows you to rock, spin, flip, roll, click, shift.

This pocket-sized gaming pad is small and lightweight and can be carried anywhere. Ideal for use in the office, in class, while travelling, studying in the library or while watching TV.

Size: Each fidget pad: 7 x 4 x 2 cm.


1 x Go Bounce Soft Ball Large 10cm

Colourful, soft & light for kid-friendly this rubber ball wont roll away or ricochet off indoor objects with its rubber filament design.


1 x Tangle Junior

Technically, a Tangle is a series of 90-degree curves, connected and able to pivot at each joint. It has no beginning and no end, just continuous motion, which is almost hypnotic, attractive to the eyes, hands and brain twist it, turn it, feel it.. no one can put a Tangle down! It unleashes creativity, making anyone compulsively search for patterns and abstractions to express themselves.

An excellent fidget, it can help restless children to focus and stimulate attention and concentration by keeping the mind and hands occupied. A safe distraction tool to relieve stress and frustration, promoting relaxation as they experience the different textures taking their minds off the distractions and noises of their surroundings. Our tangles all fit in the palm of a hand, ideal pocket size, and come in different versions.


1 x Infinity Cube Black

Fidget in Style with INFINITY CUBE! The design is very simple, composed of eight cubes. Each cube can be rotated from any direction and angle.


1 x Liquid Timers Black and Green Spiral

Simply turn the timer upside down and watch the black liquid role around the spiral staircase to the bottom one blob at a time. Please note these timers are for sensory calming and not for accurate time management. The action of the liquid showers can stimulate visual learning with regards to colours and the passing of time. This sensory activity is praised as a fun and stimulating early years resource for younger children.

Size:Approximately 15 cm in height

1 x Sensory Textured Stress ball mini balls inside


1 x Soft/Medium Therapy Putty Red

Can be used for Physical Therapeutic Hand Exercises Can be used to release tension and anxiety Effectively exercise and strengthen your hands Light-weight & non greasy It wont stick to skin or under fingernails Latex-free, non toxic.

Components and colours may vary slightly.

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