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Stretchy Spaghetti Ball


* Material - These sensory toys are made with high-quality custom formulated materials, they are nontoxic, and free of BPAs,phthalates and latex. Safe for kids and adults.

* Size and Package- This pack contains 6 Stretchy String in 6 different colors,each of it is approx 11”.

* Perfect gift for kids- stretch fidget string toys can be made into different patterns, shapes, numbers, or letters. It
can help kids learn their colors and increase their creativity and imagination.

* Strong & Durable- These stretchy strings stretch from 10 Inches to 8 Feet, resist squeezing, pulling, pounding and pinching.They can be used not only as a toys but also to strengthen your arm muscles.

* 100% SATISFACTION - We produce the very best quality Stretchy String Fidget Sensory Toys available 100% satisfaction
guaranteed. Customers happiness is our first priority.

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