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Sensory Fibre Optic Tails with Colour Changing Light Source & Remote


Fibre optic light curtain tails is often used in the framework of sensory integration therapy, Snoezelen therapy, etc.

The most important therapeutic direction of light curtains is the stimulation of the visual system, which affects the psycho-emotional state of the child. Various light modes expand the possibilities of training, you can choose active flicker, you can choose calm moderate, or leave one of the possible colours.

The advantage of using a light curtain is its material, which can be taken in hand, twisted, and do everything possible, so we get the so-called light in hand. A light curtain usually hangs on the wall from the ceiling to the floor, which creates the effect of full lighting of the room. The child can sit under the curtain, play with it, or watch it from another part of the room.

The use of light curtains in the classroom is recommended for children with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, mental retardation, speech disorders, anxiety, fears, sensory processing disorders and physical disorders. Fibre optic light curtains are also used in therapeutic work with adults with intellectual disabilities, dementia, anxiety, and depression.

Length: 50 fibres – 2000/2500mm

Power supply: Mains.

Age: 3+.

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