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Kinetic Sand Bag Natural Brown

Kinetic Sand is the original magical, malleable and fascinating sand with wow effect for indoors. It flows through the hands, can be shaped and modelled particularly well and does not dry out, so that the fun never stops. Kneading, mixing, cutting or shaping promotes the sense of touch and fine motor skills and inspires creativity. Thanks to the unique Kinetic Sand formula, where the sand sticks to itself and not to the hands, the figures retain their shape while playing and cleaning up is done as if by itself. The 907 g natural brown sand in a resealable bag are ideal as a refill pack for the Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box and the Kinetic Sand Table. Of course, it can also be used for the Kinetic Sand construction site set and all other sets from Kinetic Sand. The 907g in a resealable bag are also available in four bright colours separately: purple, green, blue and pink. This allows you to mix new shades and achieve great marbling effects. Playing with Kinetic Sand stimulates creativity and is at the same time relaxing. So ideal as an activity to process the impressions of the day and to rest before going to bed. Kinetic Sand is made in Sweden and is wheat, gluten and casein free

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