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6′ Bubble Tube with Large Button Controller

Large Bubble Tube ALL IN ONE (Plastic Base) With Remote Button Controller, designed to enhance any space with its mesmerizing features. Whether for home, office, or sensory environments like Dark Dens, this aquarium delivers a captivating experience. Engage with its moving fluorescent fish, which effortlessly draw attention and spark curiosity. Customize your ambiance with the color-changing LED lights, offering a spectrum of hues to suit your mood and preferences. The sturdy casing ensures both protection and a seamless fit, blending effortlessly into any setting with its sleek design. Choose between classic black or transparent models to complement your space. Elevate your surroundings with the Playlearn Sensory Large Bubble Tube ALL IN ONE, where relaxation meets visual delight. Features: -Size: 24x9.5x28 cm. -Colour: Black / Transparent Power Source: -Main Usage: Sensory Stimulation & Home -Decor Material: Plastic/Glass -Weight: Approximately 2 kg. With Large Button Controller for Bubble Tubes & Bubble Walls – 40cm

  • SENSORY EXPERIENCE: Immerse yourself in a captivating sensory experience with the Playlearn 24x9.5x28cm Sensory Bubble Light Tube, featuring continuously rising bubbles with balls and mesmerizing color-changing LED lights.
  • IDEAL FOR WAITING ROOMS: Create a calming and inviting atmosphere in waiting rooms, clinics, or offices, easing anxiety and providing a focal point for relaxation and distraction during stressful situations.
  • CAPTIVATING BUBBLING EXPERIENCE: Stand out with this bubble tube that showcases larger bubbles, Personalize your sensory environment with the choice of colors, offering endless possibilities for creating calming or stimulating atmospheres.
  • IDEAL FOR KIDS AND ADULT: Tailored to meet the needs of individuals with ADHD, this sensory bubble tube promotes focus and relaxation. Its multi-sensory features, including color-changing lights and bubble movement, create an environment that encourages exploration and engagement for kids of all ages.
  • LARGE BUTTON CONTROLLER: Large Button Controller For Bubble Tubes The extra large buttons let children of varied ages and disabilities change the colour of the lights and even the speed at which they change colour, great for interaction. Easy to install .Size: 40cm Diameter x 10cm tall. Buttons are approx. 8cm diameter.Colour: White base and multicolour buttons.Power Source: Mains Adaptor recharges controller to make it completely wireless

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