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2m Tall Bubble Tube


This striking high-end column bubble tube feature with colour changing LED lights makes a spellbinding addition to any home, office or bedroom. Colour changing lights have the ability to captivate both adults and children alike and can also be used for educational purposes including special needs. Fully Self-containedjust fill with distilled water. stands at 2m tall x 15cm diameter.

The light bubble column is a therapeutic tool used in the context of sensory integration therapy, most often in the version of a dark sensory room.

Areas of work: visual stimulation, tactile stimulation, and relaxation. Due to the additional lighting of the column (smooth change of colours / flicker / fixation of one of the colours) there is a stimulation of the child’s visual system, which is aimed at relaxation and calming. The slight vibration of the column also affects the emotional state of the child, who can touch, hug her, etc.

Can be used in therapy in passive and active mode, suitable for people of all ages. In passive mode, being in a dark touch room, you can endlessly watch the bubbles tend to rise up in the column, to see how smoothly the colour changes. It relaxes and calms the nervous system. In active mode, you can run bright toys into the column and watch them, change the colour of the column with the remote control, learn to distinguish colours.

Bubble columns reduce stress levels and harmonize. In addition, speakers are often combined with sound therapy, art therapy, and so on.

The use of a bubble column in classes is recommended for children with intellectual disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders, mental retardation, etc., recommended for children with speech disorders, anxiety, fears, sensory processing disorders and physical impairments, as well as light bubble therapists adults with intellectual disabilities, dementia, anxiety and depression.

Materialextruded acrylic, power supply, batteries, LED module, controller, compressor, power cord, air spray, non-return valve, electric pump, high-density 3 mm thick fibreboard, oriented strand board with a thickness of 12 mm, metal fasteners.

Height:mm: 2000.


Size in the packed kind, mm1240290290.

Weight: kg: 8.5.

Power supplyf rom an alternating current network;

Rated voltage220 V.

Rated current frequency50 Hz.

Power50 W.

Compressor power, l / h250.

Length of the manual pump, mm1700 (under a hose 12/16 mm).

Controller for RGB switching, W3.

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