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Sensory Ball Set


This selection of five balls offers varied unique sensory experiences thanks to the different natural materials chosen for each of them: metal, wood, wool, cork and cotton.

Different weights, dimensions, temperature feelings and textures that bring endless possibilities for free and imaginative play.

From a very young age, children are naturally attracted to everything that moves and they are even more fascinated by the continuous movement of rolling objects. Therefore, these sensory balls are the door to a spontaneous play with which children will improve their
motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Safe and easy to handle, these balls will help babies discover concepts
such as distance and speed, train their strength and coordination. They will also stimulate crawling.

Beyond the benefits on motor, visual and tactile skills, playing with sensory balls allows children to feel they are in control of something beyond their own movements. Moreover, it improves their understanding of individual and social play: rolling a ball on the floor is a
way to build a social bond between two people. It is also a lesson that children learn and which is necessary for their development: cause and effect or action-reaction

Ball diameters and materials:
metal (9 cm), cotton (8 cm), wool (7 cm), cork (6 cm) and wood (5,2 cm)

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