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Orthopedic Sensory Play Mat

  • ✅ KIDS PLAY MAT FOR ORTHOPEDIC FLAT FOOT CORRECTION – Our trademarked Ortho Puzzle orthopedic exercise mat is made to help prevent or address flat foot issues in babies, toddlers and kids. This ortho-pedic play mat’s unique texture, density and shape mimics that of natural surfaces, and is recommended by doctors and orthopedics specialists for use during home, school, and indoor playtime.
  • ✅ UNIQUE COMBINED MODULES FOR BEST RESULTS – The Ortho Puzzle play mat’s versatility of texture and profile and alteration of soft and rigid surfaces helps stimulate all the necessary foot receptors responsi-ble for the proper development of the physiological arches of the foot. Unlike any other orthopedic play mat for kids, Ortho Puzzle’s interlocking tiles feature unique massage elements, and can be combined to create individual orthopedic mats that deliver optimal flat foot correction results
  • ✅ SENSORY PLAY MAT ENHANCES COGNITIVE & FINE MOTOR SKILLS – More than just a play mat! Ortho Puzzle’s bright-colored modules contribute to the development of babies’, toddlers’ and kids’ color per-ception and color sensitivity. Furthermore, the puzzle mat’s assembly process promotes the develop-ment of right brain and fine motor skills, while its textured surface is ideal for sensory play time, too.
  • ✅ NON-TOXIC, HYPOALLERGENIC, EU-CERTIFIED MEDICAL DEVICE – The Orthopuzzle Orthopedic Kids Play Mat conforms to EU Council Directive 93/42/EEC and has passed all relevant clinical and toxicological inves-tigations, gaining the status of a medical device. It’s absolutely FREE of toxic materials that could poten-tially harm kids, while its puzzle floor square interlocking tiles are fully recyclable, too.
  • ✅ STRONG, ANTI-SLIP, EASY TO CLEAN & STORE PLAY MAT – This expertly-designed kids orthopedic play mat is reliable to such an extent that its interlocking tiles do not disengage even when the mat is held ver-tically! What’s more, each module features specialized elements that prevent slippage on smooth floors. Ortho Puzzle is exceptionally easy to clean with some warm water and soap, while its tiles can easily be stored and tucked away in a toy bin, or even in the play mat’s original packaging.

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