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Indoor Framed Sensory Den


Framed Indoor Sensory Dark Den – a secure, pre-made sanctuary tailored for both classroom and home settings. Crafted to offer a serene oasis for children seeking focus or sensory engagement with luminous elements.

TRANQUIL RETREAT: Craft a serene sanctuary within any space. Purpose-built to offer a tranquil, dimly lit haven where children can unwind and recalibrate their senses.

SENSORY HAVEN: Tailored for kids prone to sensory overload, while also accommodating those craving heightened stimulation. Enhance the ambiance with UV fiber optics, gentle mood lighting, or other captivating luminous embellishments.

STIMULATING ENVIRONMENT: Enrich the space with plastic mirrors, rope lights, and an array of sensory materials adorning the walls. Delicately hang ribbons or fabrics for added tactile delight.

SMART DESIGN: Ensures safety by neatly managing electrical cords, making it compatible with projectors and illuminated toys, while prioritizing ease of use and assembly.

PORTABLE CONVENIENCE: Effortlessly folds into a compact case for on-the-go convenience, complete with a carry bag for hassle-free transportation.

Dimensions: 39x46x57″ (99x117x145 cm).

Safety tested to meet rigorous standards, providing peace of mind for caregivers and educators alike.

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