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Forest Discovery Play Mat


A beautiful and colourful forest playmat, clearly printed with highly detailed photographic imagery of a woodland path winding through a tunnel of trees. Makes a great base for imaginative play scenes with our Wooden Enchanted Figures, Woodland Trees and Woodland Trail sets.

The playmat fits neatly inside our Sensory Mood Discovery Table and can also be used in our Sensory Mood Water Table or on any flat surface.

Made from durable polyester, the mat is hard-wearing and waterproof - safe to use with wet or dry materials. It's an ideal accessory for small world play, story-telling and sensory exploration, and is easy to wipe clean.

Due to its semi-translucent properties, the playmat works especially well on a light panel or mood table as the light will shine through, illuminating the lichen on the trees and branches. The colour source chosen will affect the appearance of the mat in different ways: either by changing some of the scenery colours, intensifying the colours, or even making some of the colours appear to fluoresce - a fascinating way to explore colour whilst playing.

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