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Flick Sticks 10 Pack

  • NCREASES FOCUS: BouncyBand Flick Sticks are a calming and silent sensory tool for kids and adults that reduce stress and improve focus. Keep fingers busy in the classroom, at home, or on the go.
  • SENSORY FIDGET TOOL: People of all ages will love these fun sensory tools. The sensory toys can be flicked, rubbed, and squeezed, before quickly returning to their original position.
  • RELIEVES EXCESS ENERGY: The soothing multi-textures of the sensory tool act as an outlet for excess energy. They are ideal for people who have trouble sitting still, and are particularly effective for those with ADHD, ADD, OCD, and Autism.
  • EASILY ATTACH TO SURFACES: The fidget toys feature suction cups that enable them to stay in one place and not get lost. Stick to a wide variety of smooth surfaces, including computers.
  • PERFECT SMALL PRESENT: The ten flexible sticks come in a five-color pack and are only 2x1” in size, making them perfect to give out as small prizes, party favors, and stocking stuffers.

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