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3 Sided Autism Toothbrush

  • 2 Colors: you will get 2 pieces 3 sided autism toothbrushes in different colors including blue and green, different colors allow you to distinguish toothbrush from your families
  • 360 Degree coverage: these 3 sided toothbrushes have 3 heads of brushes, allowing to cover different sides of teeth, easy to save your time of cleaning teeth and keep teeth healthy
  • Replaceable heads of brushes: heads of these autism toothbrushes can be replaced, convenient for replacing heads of toothbrushes regularly and keep sanitary
  • Durable material: these adult 3 sided toothbrushes are made from EVA and ABS material, can be applied for a long time; Proper dense of brushes can provide you comfy brushing experience, the bristle would be soft when using warm water and would be firm when using cold water
  • Non-slip handle design: handles of these 3-sided hugging toothbrush come with proper radians, comfortable to grip, saving efforts when brushing teeth

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