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14.5" Rainbow LAVA Lamp


Brighten your kiddo’s day with this mesmerising Rainbow LAVA Lamp. Adding a pop of colour to children’s playrooms, this lava lamp shows off a multicoloured wax spectacle and features a rainbow-effect hand-spun metal base.

A great gift for youngsters and teens, the Rainbow Lava Lamp is a fun sensory accessory that has lots of surprising benefits, such as improving focus, calming active minds and boosting creativity.

Lava lamps have been illuminating kids’ bedrooms for an impressive 60 years. This large LAVA lamp is 14.5” tall and comes with a 25 watt lava lamp bulb.

Rainbow LAVA Lamp - product features:

  • Lava lamp with multicoloured wax and liquid
  • Rainbow-effect hand-spun metal base and cap
  • 25 watt light bulb included
  • 14.5” tall

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