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Weighted Bendable Cutlery Set


Adaptive utensils designed to provide help to those who need a little comfort and support when it's time for a great meal.

When you suffer from tremors, arthritic pain, low grip strength or even Parkinson's Disease, it can be a challenge to even enjoy a simple meal. That's why we created a smarter, more effective solution for helping those with adaptive needs-the Special Supplies Adaptive Utensils Set.

Wide, Textured Grip Design

Easier to use than your standard metal, ceramic or smooth-designed utensils, these forks, spoons and knives feature an ultra-wide handle with silicone ridges that makes it easier for someone to grasp and hold onto. Great for seniors, youth and anyone who needs a bit more support at the table, give back much-needed confidence with utensils that are made specifically for adaptive needs.

Product Details:

Adaptive Utensils (4-Piece Set)

Wide, Textured, Non-Slip Handles

Stainless Steel Construction

Weighted for Balance

Dishwasher Safe

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