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Happy Feet Play Mats - TURTLES ADVENTURE


This set will invite you and your little ones to go for an adventure with our sea turtle. 
It’s an ideal combination of firm and soft mats. 

You will find two domed mats - Turtle and Wave for balance and coordination training, core activation, correct postural developmental and flat foot prevention. Then our favorite grass and moss for feet stimulation and massage as well as proprioception. Twigs with pebbles will support and improve muscular and ligament strength.

Ideal as starting set or as an addition into your already existing set. 

Set consists of: 
1. Turtle - Firm
2. Twigs - Firm 
3. Moss - Firm (non squeaky) 
4. Grass - Soft
5. Stones - Soft
6. Wave - Firm 

Material: Polyvynil Chloride
Size of one puzzle: 25 x 25 cm

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