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Squishy Ball Kit


Many people today suffer from stress and seek a constructive of relieving themselves of it.

That is where our Kit of Squishy Stress Balls come into the picture. These soft, stretchy colourful balls are perfect for venting out your anger and return to that calm place in yourself.

Suitable for both adults and children, these stress balls can squeezed,squished, pumped, or thrown.

The balls are also excellent for hand exercising, especially the wrist and forearm muscles.

They’re ideal equipment for rehabilitation and physical therapy.

This kit includes:

Stretchy Smiley Ball,

Grape Mesh Stress Ball,

Squidgy Stress Ball

Squeezy Stress ball

Colour: Multi

Usage: Anti-Stress/Relaxation

Amount: 4 Balls

All items should be used under adult supervision.

Items may vary

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