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Sensory Weighted Caterpillar


The weighted sensory toy Caterpillar Vemochka is a therapeutic tool for stimulating the child’s proprioceptive and tactile systems.

Vemochka is a piece of traditional equipment with weights, which includes work on the following conditions: attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder, sensory information processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders, behavioral disorders, anxiety, etc.

The proprioceptive system is the sensory system of the body, which is responsible for the internal and external signals of the body from muscles and joints. The tactile system is the sensory system responsible for receiving signals from our skin. The correct therapeutic effect aimed at these systems helps to relieve physical and emotional stress, relax the child, provide the necessary sensations and help focus on other educational exercises.

Material: plush fabric, artificial filler, cotton fabric, polypropylene granules, high-quality sewing accessories.

Size: mm: 1350 x 500 x 80

Weight, kg: 2,5 ( 1 kg)

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