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Sensory Fidget Tubes 4pk


Sensory Fidget Tubes 4pk

Help children to focus, calm and self-regulate with the mesmerising motion inside the Sensory Fidget Tubes.

The tubes are robust, securely sealed and easy for little hands to grip.

Tilt and turn the tubes to watch the unique mesmerising movements. With four different fascinating designs, children can choose which tube will help them depending on their mood or feelings. Each tube takes a different amount of time to settle and will offer a different visual effect. They can choose from a calming gravity spinner, a push button fidget tube, a relaxing glitter effect or a soothing reverse hourglass.

The calming, soothing movement in the sensory fidget tubes offers children a point of focus. Guide them to shake, flip, twist, turn or play with the tubes to unlock and introduce their calming effect. An ideal resource to add to any calming toolbox for children to access as and when they need. Start by introducing the tubes with an adult and then encourage children to use the tubes independently as their own self-regulation strategy. An ideal resource for children who seek additional visual stimulation, offering a calming effect that will captivate both children and adults.


  • Product Content:
    • 1 x Gravity Tube
    • 1 x Fidget Tube
    • 1 x Glitter Tube
    • 1 x Hourglass Tube
    • 1 x Teachers Notes

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