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Playfoam® Putty 4pk


Mould, stretch and squeeze this uniquely textured putty for the perfect multi-sensory, creative play experience.

The bead-like texture and crackling sound with every squish makes Playfoam® Putty a perfect sensory or fine motor resource.

As Playfoam® Putty never dries out and can be used over and over, the possibilities are endless and the sculpting fun never has to end! Children simply sculpt the putty into anything they like and then squash it down to start over again.

Through squishing, sculpting and stretching, children will develop their hand strength, fine motor skills and finger dexterity. Playfoam® Putty is ideal to support and promote sensory, tactile learning, or to be used as a sensory activity within other areas of the curriculum. For example, children could mould letter or number shapes using the putty. It is also ideal to be used as a fidget aid and will help to keep children calm and relaxed as they squish it between their fingers. This set contains 4 visually engaging neon colours (purple, green, blue, orange) of soft, stretchable sculpting Playfoam® Putty. Playfoam® Putty may stick to and transfer colour to fabric, wood, or carpet.

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