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Pair of Flashing Multi Colour LED Maracas


Kids like to make noise and kids like things that light up. Put them together what do you get? Flashing Maracas!
Perfect for any budding Beyonces or Timberlakes-in-training, maracas are a great way to introduce younger children to music and rhythm. But, let’s be honest, standing and tapping out time with any percussion instrument isn’t that much fun – unless it flashes in the dark!

Powered by four LR44 batteries, a simple flick of the On/Off switch will set the LEDs in motion, with 3 different modes,  2 speeds of White LED modes and a multi colour phasing mode.  Made from White plastic, they’re fun and safe and make a superb sensory toy.

However, they’re also an ideal gift for party-goers and clubbers who want to be able to flash their maracas, without getting into trouble!

• Uses four LR44 batteries (included)
• Dimensions: approx. 17cms (H) x 6cms (W) x 2cms (W)
• Made from plastic
• Unsuitable for children under 3 years of age

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