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MeowBaby - Blue Lagoon - Luxury Square Kids Ball Pit - Complete set with 300 balls


We are loving this awesome, sea inspired colour combo! This delightful MeowBaby Ball Pit comes as a complete set with 300 balls! Included is the cool light grey coloured ball-pit with 300 balls made up of pearl blue,mint green, baby blue, grey and transparent balls.

These fantastic ball pit sets are a real hit with babies and young children not only will they have loads of fun swimming about in the balls, but by doing this, they are also developing sensory & fine motor skills at the same time. Grasping the balls strengthens muscles and helps to develop movement-visual coordination.

We know that mums and dads will love the incredible colours these sets come in, as they will perfectly fit into the interiors of both classic and modern houses and look stunning when matched with surrounding colour schemes. And the covers are machine washable!!


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