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Combination of various types of sensory play mats with different rigidity gives you maximum health benefits to ensure strong feet and lower limbs allowing for great posture.
A rich color palette of mats will help your child explore a huge variety of colours, patterns and textures. Not only amazing for foot and lower limb strength but great for those all important fine motor skills to.
Regular use of the set helps to correct/prevent varus and valgus knee (bow legs and knock knee) condition in children.
This set is made up of beautiful brightly coloured sensory play mats that will turn any exercise or physio time into an entertaining game for the whole family.
Our childrens orthopedic play mats are modular and should be used as a puzzle so you are able to joint as many of these mats as you need to at a time. Just like a giant jigsaw puzzle.
All of our childrens orthopedic play mats have compact non-slip structure, it is made of a hygienic easy to wash and sanitise material.
Recomended Age: 2+
Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
This set is made individually and colours may vary.


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