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Flippy Chain

Your Comfort Start from Topways Fidget Flippy Chain Toy
The fidget chain toys are not only beneficial to those dealing with work related stress, but for those suffering from Autism, and ADHD. Use chain fidget for calming and alerting, to promoting focusing and concentration, decrease tactile awareness of fingers/hand, and as a way to keep fidget finger busy.
Every rotation and flipping the chain help with sensation needed to focus and A fun way to strengthen hands and warm-up fingers before handwriting activities.
Product Description:
DESIGN:Proudly Handcrafted with 2-metal alloy ring & 2 bicycle Chain Link parts and 2 silicone O-ring,and the silicone O-rings provide
additional texture and grip.
Size: 5*3cm/1.95*1.15inch
Color: Black,Blue,Red,Yellow
Package including:
4X Topways Flippy Chain Fidget Toy
Manufacturer Recommended Age - 4 years and up

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