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Our Baby Forest Path play mat set consists of soft modular mats only therefore is ideal for little toddlers who are negotiating their first steps, practising and mastering walking skills. This childrens orthopedic play mat set is beneficial in strengthening your little ones feet, it also provides prevention from flat feet or significant correction of flat feet problems.

Set consists of 8 modular mats 25x25cm in a Rainbow colours.
Spikes, soft - 2pcs
Grass, soft - 2pcs
Pebbles, soft - 2pcs
Pine Cones, soft - 2pcs

Modular mats are used as a puzzle so you are able to joint as many of these mats as you need to at a time.

All of our childrens orthopedic play mats have compact non-slip structure, it is made of a hygienic easy to wash and sanitise material.

Recomended Age: 1 year to Adults, can be used as sensory tool for tummy time
Material: Polyvinyl Chloride - BPA and phthalates free
Dimension: individual mat 25x25cm (9.8’x9.8’)

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