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3 Pcs Magnetic Rings Fidget Spinner

  • RELIEVE STRESS:The magnetic fidget spinner toys help people sitting long reduce mental stress/anxiety and prevent depression by limited finger stretching and movement.With a fidget spinner, you can quit unwanted habits such as nail biting and smoking and improve your focus while studying, working or brainstorming by a simple flip and spin.
  • COMFORTABLE&SAFE DESIGN:Round corner, smooth surface are carefully treated with coating and polish to ensure the comfort and safety of use to protect your fingers from scratching,providing better experience during spinning to avoid falling off frequently than normal magnetic rings do.
  • PERSONAL CHARM DISPLAY: 2 Rings on fingers, one rings free, rotate and turn around, quickly and steady.Magnetic Ring toy can help your job easier on the magic show,more easily attract the eyes of the audience, making you a shining star on the party, festival, every occasion.
  • VERSATILE OCCASION:The magic magnetic is suitable for many interaction including magic tricks in a talent show, family playtime, party table game and even personal time with partners etc.An ideal, calming companion for home, office, work, school, travels and so on.
  • PERFECT GIFT: If you figet with spinning and cube clicking sensory toys but hate their noise,this noiseless and compact tactile sensorial stress relief fidget rings set greatly fit for fidgety hands and calm you.

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