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Soft Vibrating Neck Pillow


Wrap around neck pillow that gently vibrates and maggages the neck and shoulders.  

Measures 84cm x 15cm.    Weight 400 grams.   Made from soft tactile polyester and filled with a high density sponge foam for comfort.

Our new vibrating pillow can be used for sensory and tactile input. Vibration itself has many therapeutic benefits for people of all ages, and are a comfortable and convenient way to provide soothing, regulating and healing effects to any part of your body. 

In particular, children with sensory processing disorders / sensory integration dysfunction enjoy, and often need or crave, the input these pillows provide.

Light and portable (weights 400g) the cushion is is filled with high density sponge for support and comfort.

The vibrating cushion requires 4 AA batteries (not supplied)  

There is an On/Off switch on the front of the cushion.  The cushion has 2 vibration modes.

THIS IS NOT A TOY. Please use under adult supervision at all times.


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