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Sensory Roller Slide compatible with Climb System


This Roller Slide is compatible with the Climb System, but is also a piece of Sensory Training Equipment in its own right. Its suitable for variety of exercises, with a focus on those that stimulate tactile defensiveness.

Our sensory Roller slide turns therapy into play by stimulating the senses and providing a proprioceptive input activity that calms and organizes the nervous system. Children can scoot across or slide down the roller slide on their bellies or back. This provides deep pressure stimulation while also helping with body awareness, bilateral coordination and motor planning skills

Product Benefits:

  • Creates body awareness
  • Provides deep pressure stimulation
  • Calms and organizes the central nervous system
  • Offers sensory stimulation, heavy work, bilateral coordination, and motor planning benefits

Product Purpose:?Sensory Integration Therapy


Assembly:?Assembly required

Size: 125 x 74 x 250 cm

Includes an incline
with rolls and ladder.

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