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Extended Wooden Therapeutic Sensory Climb System Set Slide


Children with sensory integration issues have a number of ways to react to the environment. Even though each child is special, there are few typical ways to respond to sensory input. Sensory integration is a way of describing brain processes that help us take, organize, and respond effectively to information received or gathered from our 5 senses.

Balance Your Reflexes With This Sensory Climb Set

Children with sensory integration issues might have motor skills, cognitive, balance, and eye-hand coordination difficulties. Therefore, this set can be beneficial for your child’s sensory integration therapy. It will not only help your child to ease out his anxiety but also make him adapt to the sensory environment in order to reinvigorate his stamina and improve positive behaviour. During intuitive sensory play, children tend to recognize objects by touch that help them build their motor skills. These sensory plays include squeezing, pushing, pulling, climbing, etc.

This amazing product comes with an additional roll slide, which is also detachable. The detachable slide with rolls can be exchanged with and also used along with various components such as the climbing wall. In addition to that, the equipment’s amazing aspects and uses make it suitable for a wide range of different exercises.

Features of Sensory Wooden Climb Set + Slide

  • Slide: may be used to slide down or to climb up. Because of its large foundation, it is stable and safe.
  • The Wooden Climbing Set: The wooden climbing set is used to help kids overcome different types of fear including the fear of height.
  • Climbing: The climbing wall is also a great product for kids. It has been proven to improve a child’s sensory input.
  • Space: While moving the system away, space under the ladders could be used as a space for storage.
  • Chair + Slide Desk: It comes with a slide + chair which can be used to improve your child’s learning experience through exercises or drawings.
  • Roll Slides: Slides with rolls turn out to be suitable for various different exercises, which stimulates a child’s sensory experience outside.

Specifications of Sensory Wooden Climb Set + Slide

  • Used for Sensory Integration Therapy.
  • Made of Wood.
  • Size is TBC.

Benefits Of Using This Amazing Product

It is used for the development of bilateral motor co-ordination, balance reflexes, vasomotor co-ordination, and tonic (particularly labyrinthine) reflex integration, improvement of postural muscle tone (flexor and extender) and general nervous system stimulation through strong activation of vestibular and proprioceptive system receptors.

Since, sensory integration therapy sessions are mostly play focused, which means, a child learns to equip himself to physical activities such as, swings, slides, climbing, and jumping.

Therefore, this is beneficial for kids or anyone using it to stimulate their senses and enhance their sensory experience using our amazing Therapeutic Sensory Wooden Climb Set.

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