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Basic Sensory Suspension Frame Set


This swing-suspension frame can be used for any of our SI swings. The frame can also be folded up and stored away easily, should the need arise.

Sensory swings are excellent for stimulating children with vestibular issues. They are helpful in helping children develop their balance and equilibrium skills, and are an essential part of any Sensory Diet prescribed by an Occupational Therapist. Through Sensory Integration Therapy with these swings, children can stimulate and train their equilibrioception.



Compatible with all SI swings in our range.

Easy to fold up and store away.

An essential prerequisite for a variety of SI exercises


Size240 x 325 x 244cm

Product PurposeSensory Integration Therapy


Material: metal


AssemblyAssembly required

Please note: Delivery lead time for this product is 21 days

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