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Instant Snow 125g


Insta-Snow is an amazing super absorbent powder that looks like real snow when you add water. Just add water and Insta-Snow expands to 100 times its original volume to make the most amazing faux snow you’ve ever seen. Insta-Snow is great for parties, decorations, play, hobbies, photography or as a magical demonstration to amaze your friends. Just mix a scoop of Insta-Snow to make an eruption of fluffy snow that will not melt and lasts for weeks. Insta-Snow is even reusable after it dries out. Perfect for holiday decorating. The tub contains 100 g. of powder which will make approx. 7.5 litres of snow.


  • Expands 100 times the original size
  • Fluffs-up like real snow
  • Makes approximately 7.5 litres of snow
  • Non toxic and environmentally safe
  • Includes measuring cup and spoon.

Size: 10/ 10 / 12 cm.

Colour: White

Usage: Messy play

Weight: 125g.

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