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Jellyfish Aquarium & Rainbow Projector Bundle

Mood Light Set Jellyfish Aquarium Lamp Electric Jellyfish Fake Fish Aquarium Tank & 1 x Rainbow Projector LED Light Reflection


If you have always wanted an aquarium but are not prepared to deal with the mess and potential stingers then this round mini Jellyfish lamp is perfect for you!

This is the ideal lamp for all situations, as a centrepiece on your table, on your office desk, or on your bedside table. Anywhere it goes it will be sure to get attention. This atmospheric mood lamp has two little jellyfish bobbing around and two LED lights, blue, green and red, that light them up as they float.

The jellyfish are realistic and even have the tendrils that float behind them as they move creating a realistic effect without the hassle of cleaning out the tank. The cylindrical lamp requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).


  • Soothing mood light
  • Jellyfish swim with realistic movement
  • No cleaning or feeding required
  • Three coloured LEDs
  • Easy to set up
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries


Size: 22/8/8 cm.

Power Source: Requires 3 x AA batteries

Usage: Visual effects

Material: Plastic/Glass

Weight: Approx.: 305 g.


LED Mood Light Rainbow Projector:

Cloud shaped projector that creates a colourful rainbow effect on any nearby surface. Position it by a wall and press the button to activate the five colourful LEDs on the underside of the cloud.

The light from the LEDs reflects on the mirrored strip and casts a striped rainbow across any nearby wall or surface.

Press the button multiple times to cycle through lighting effects. It has a sleep timer feature too, allowing it to switch off after a short period of time. As such, it also makes a very effective night light.

Measures approx.: 13x11x17cm.

Age: 0 years+


  • MINI JELLYFISH AQUARIUM LAMP: Mesmerizing lifelike Jellyfish with realistic movements, be fascinated as these two life-like jellyfish swim majestically around their tank Perfect for office or home as lighting and fish create a soothing peaceful environment. Sturdy well-made product with easy access on/off switch on base for easy use. 
  • JELLYFISH SPECS: Size: 22cm x 8cm x 8cm | Power: 3 x AA 
  • RAINBOW PROJECTOR LIGHT: This projector makes wonderful and real life-like rainbow, both in dark and light rooms. The rainbow curves in a natural arc, just like a real rainbow. It can be placed on a table or nightstand, and the beautiful rainbow created by the projector can help calm down children when its bed time. It also has an auto shut-off function, to save battery. 
  • RAINBOW SPECS: Size: Height: 13 cm/Length: 24 cm. | Power: 4 x AAA batteries

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