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Spark Sequence & Storytelling Cards for Speech Therapy Set 1


Spark Sequence and Storytelling Cards

Tired of the same old sequencing cards??Can you use?something NEW and UPDATED when working on sequencing and storytelling goals?
Do you often feel stuck when working on storytelling goals?
Feel like your child is not quite ready for story elements?
Looking to bridge the gap between sequencing and retelling stories?


The new way to target sequence and storytelling skills

These cards are the perfect way to work on skills beyond the basic sequence. They are so easy to use and versatile. Many goals can be targeted when using the cards. User manual guide includes ‘why’ questions and hypothetical problem-solving tasks for each picture scene.

The pictures are beautifully illustrated and include many details for picture interpretation skills that go beyond basic and require critical thinking skills. The perfect challenge for your child.



  • 48 cards 8 story sets with 6 cards each
  • Easily Adaptable to multiple levels
  • High-Quality colourful beautifully illustrated
  • Large 4.5? x 4.5? picture Cards
  • Packaged stand up with coloured tabs for easy access and organized storage
  • Use to target: Storytelling, Predicting, Problem Solving, Verbs, Pronouns, Sentence Structure, Inferencing, and Reasoning Skills

What’s in the Box?

  • Preparing for a Hurricane
  • Lemonade Sale
  • Going to the Vet
  • Playing Football
  • Going to the Library
  • Setting the Table
  • Planting Flowers
  • Going to the Beach

Using the Cards

Here are some ideas of different ways SPARK cards can be used but not limited to;

ARTICULATION:?Circle objects in the picture scenes with target sounds. Practice the words?or phrases. Have the child tell a story?about the scenes.


Increasing Vocabulary:?Label basic vocabulary words and objects in pictures. Describe, categorize and expound on the concepts.

Sentence structure:?Have?the child formulate a sentence for each picture card. Give?the child a word to use to formulate sentences. Work on increasing MLU by increasing the length and complexity of the sentences.

Telling Narratives:?Teach a child how to tell a story.?Focus on story elements such as character, setting, plot, climax,?and conflict. Have?the child formulate sentences, use conjunctions and transitional words to tell the story in sequential order.

Main Idea:?Have?the child identify a title for a set of story cards and/or tell a main idea for each picture illustration.

Use of Pronouns:?Circle the characters in the picture cards. Have?the child practice using pronouns correctly when formulating sentences about the characters.

Verb Usage:?Line up several cards and work on past, present, future tense verbs. Work on verbs, plurals, and irregular plurals while describing the picture cards and formulating sentences about them.


Sequence it:?Have?the child set the cards up in the correct order using inferencing skills to infer the correct order of the cards.

Answering ?wh? questions:?Using the prompt cards, ask ?WH? questions such as WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW.


Emotions:?Use a marker to make thinking bubbles and/or speech bubbles to illustrate what the characters might be thinking, saying and feeling.

Problem Solving:?Work on cause and effect and possible solutions to solve the problems depicted in the pictures.

How to Use the Spark Cards

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