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Spark Junior Sequence Cards for Speech Therapy – 8 Set


Spark Junior Sequence Cards

Do you need basic picture cards to teach sequencing skills to your child?
Tired of the same old sequence sets?
Looking for something NEW and FRESH?
Do you need beautifully illustrated picture cards to teach skills to your kids?


The new way to target sequence and storytelling skills

These sequence cards are the perfect way to work on picture interpretation skills and basic sequence skills. They are so easy to use and versatile. Many goals can be targeted when using these story cards. They can be easily trimmed and fewer cards can be used to target 3-sequence stories and 4-sequence stories. Just take some cards out. It’s as easy as that!

The pictures are beautifully illustrated and include appealing and kid-friendly characters that children love! These are the perfect cards for your kids!

  • Durable and thick cards
  • High-Quality colourful beautifully illustrated
  • Large 4.5 x 4.5 picture Cards
  • Packaged stand up with coloured tabs for easy access and organized storage
  • Use to target: Storytelling, Verb usage, Pronouns, Sentence Structure, and retelling a story

What’s in the Box?

  • Raking the Leaves
  • Ordering Ice Cream
  • Building a Doghouse
  • Cutting a Fruit Salad
  • Preparing a Fish Tank
  • Setting up a Campfire
  • Night-time Routine
  • Making a Birthday Sign

How to Use the Spark Cards

Sequence it: Present some or all of the cards to your child and have them put the cards in the correct order.

Ask it: Ask the WH questions: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW

Describe it: Have your child formulate a sentence and describe the picture scenes.

Narrate it: Have your child tell the story using narrative skills and connect the pictures using sequencing terms such as: then, next, before, after, first, last, beginning, middle, and in the end.

Analyze it: Have your child notice picture details and identify which details are the clues to determine the order of the pictures. Use a dry erase marker to highlight scene details.

Notice it: Notice the character emotions and changes of details in the picture card sets.

Connect it: Connect the events in the story picture cards to something you did, you know or experienced.

Advanced level activities:

Expand it: Practice critical thinking skills and ask, ?What happened before??, ?What might happen next??, ?What other events are happening during the events in this picture??.

Summarize it: Ask your child to identify the main idea. Have your child name the story with a story title.

Perceive it: Critical thinking: ?What is the character thinking? What is the character saying?

Draw it: Have your child draw a scene that might have happened before, after, and/or between the events in the picture card scenes.

Write it:?Have your child work on writing skills and write a story about the picture cards.

Create it:?Have your child create another similar sequenced story. Compare and contrast the stories.

Enjoy it:?Enjoy using these SPARK sequencing cards!!

Spark cards can be used to?help with the following skills:

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