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500g Therapy Putty : Red / Soft/Medium


The Soft/Medium Therapy Putty is perfect for rehabilitation, physical or occupational therapy, fidget toy, or stress reliever. Using the therapy putty strengthens the hand muscles, improves fine motor skills and relieves stress. Squeeze, pinch, stretch, and twist the putty to effectively work the hand muscles and to provide a sensory outlet.

Large Container: Convenient and cost-effective bulk putty size container – ideal for institutions, clinics, and schools. Divide up the putty in your desired size and share among multiple patients or clients. Each portion can be joined back together and placed in the airtight tub.

Safe, Non Toxic, and Odourless: Made of odorless non-toxic materials to keep you and your child safe while using the hand putty.


Colour: Red

Usage: Sensory, ADHD, Fidgeting.

Material: Odorless non-toxic materials

Weight: 500g

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